• I’m a wife of twenty-three years to a great guy and a mom to two fabulous teenage girls
  • I’m a HUGE Donny Osmond fan (in fact, no one loves Donny more than I do!)
  • I have OCD…except when it comes to doing the laundry and doing other stupid household chores (I’d rather be making stuff!)
  • I own eWillow.com, a place on the web where people who are addicted to all things paper can have storefronts to sell their handmade paper items to people who love such things but don’t have the time to make them
  • I love to shop for stuff on clearance at Target, I love sales at Bloomingdales, I love dark chocolate, I love New York City, I love Wendy’s chocolate twisted Oreo Frosty’s, I love miniature things, I love doll houses, and I love cats (but I love Donny more!)
  • I teach card-making and paper-crafting classes
  • I don’t like to travel (except to NYC! I love it even more when my BFF Sharon meets me there and when my other BFF Nancy comes along!)
  • I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • I was a model in my former life. “America’s Next Top Model” is pretty accurate…modeling is a ton of hard work and not at all as glamorous as one would like to think (and no, you don’t get to keep the clothes)
  • I think I just might be old enough to be the mother of all of the other crafters on “So You Think You’re Crafty,” which is extremely depressing to me!

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