Mod Flower Door Curtain

In order to photograph this "door curtain" I actually had to close the door, but try to imagine it with the door open, leading into a cute girl's bedroom or playroom. There are lots of colorful paper flowers, hearts, and ladybugs hanging from the top of the door frame to the floor (well, almost to the floor.)

I covered a 1/4" wooden dowel with decorative paper, cut the dowel to fit the door frame, and added rubber stoppers to each end to hold the dowel in the frame. The rubber stoppers give the dowel just the right amount of tension for it to stay in place. You could also use a tension curtain rod, but I liked the idea of covering the dowel in paper to match the color motif of the flowers.

I tied the decorative pieces to the main strings with colorful ribbon. They dangle and dazzle and give this door curtain just the right pizzaz to finish off and add a little bit of privacy to a girl's special place.

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