Apple For Teacher

Make something memorable for a hard working teacher in your life. Candles, lotion, tote bags and pencil holders made in the shape of an apple are all nice. But, this year, give your teacher something she can actually use in the classroom, and your little one can benefit from too!

Apple game consists of 9 dice...yellowish squares for the consonants and apple green squares for the vowels. And to encourage "fill in the blank" learning, several free spaces are included.

This game can be played several ways. Roll the dice and let the kids make words. For older kids, use a timer and see how many words they can form in a minute by rolling multiple times. The score cards are a spot to write the words down, check spelling and practice forming letters.

You'll need a sturdy box, 9 cubes, and a printer! Tutorial comes with a printable .pdf to make your own apple game in whatever size you'd like. You might want one to give and one to keep! Don't miss the cute box, lined with the graphic apple print. Perfect finishing touch.

Kids love bold colors and simple designs. They will love rolling the oversized dice and using their own little score card. From preschool to highschool, this game is fun for all.

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