Toddler Discovery Toy

Introducing scientific concepts to children should be fun. I have designed an activity toy for young children that lets them practice shape identification, counting, colors, and using their hands for fine motor skills. Math skills are the basis of all science. Why not start early to instill a love of learning?

This toy has four pieces, which all nest inside each other. Each piece is labeled with the shape's name. The star fits into the triangle, which is opened with button tabs. The triangle fits into the circle which has 3 snaps to keep it closed (which serendipitously are also circles). The circle fits into the square which has a zipper closure.

I designed simple appliques on the back of the square and circle which reinforce the shape concept, and provide opportunities to count and identify colors. All three larger shape pouches are fully lined. The star has batting sandwiched inside it, and a fun grommet detail with grosgrain ribbon pull.

The Toddler's Science Discovery Toy is perfect to take to church, appointments, or anytime you need a quiet activity that will keep your child's attention for a while. Make a set for a child in your life today, and help them learn the foundational concepts of science for tomorrow.

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