Desert Snowflakes

Victoria at The City Cradle sent me this fun snowflake tutorial. I think I might make some for my house... but then again the foot of snow we got outside over the weekend may be enough for me :)


I am excited to have the chance to be sharing with you this week all the lovely details of Dude and Chica’s first birthday party. While I get the pictures and my sappy emotions in order I thought you would enjoy making a few easy 3-D snowflakes today.

This project was inspired by a morning meandering through my favorite store where I happened upon the sales staff making snowflakes out of tissue paper, tulle and chicken wire for their winter window display. It looked so lovely I just had to recreate a similar project at home.

We used these props first for our winter photo shoot. They created a whimsical feeling of winter even in the desert. Here is a sneak peak-


After coming home I tied the two boxes together to make one large snowflake. It is lovely and it fits the free & recyclable Christmas decorating plan of the year.

Christmas snowflake 7

The snowflakes were made out of empty tissue boxes and white present paper. I first poked holes in all but one side of the tissue box. I stuffed it with the paper and used a bit of leftover tulle to give it that snowy bling. Super easy and basically free.


Now it hangs in our living room and where we can cozy up under it and pretend that it really is blistery outside.

christmas-snowflake 3

Is it snowing where you live? Lately, I have been really hoping for a white Christmas to visit us here in the desert.

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