Snow White Winter Yarn Wreath

Sierra at Creative K Designs made this DIY wreath and sent me the tutorial. It is so fun! If I didn't already have a wreath on every door I would make this one too. But I guess one more wouldn't hurt :)


This is my new love, a snow white winter yarn wreath!!! Includes a cute, little red birdy!!! Perfect!

First I gathered my materials...a foam wreath ($5 at HL), a dowel rod ($.50), a pack of wooden spools (50% off at $3), a pack of wooden finials (50% off at $2), green and white acrylic paint (already had), white fuzzy yarn (50% off at $3), red yarn (already had), red felt ($.25 per sheet), white felt, green felt, red velvet bells (50% off for $4- a big pack of like 20 bells), 2 white snowflake ornaments (50% off for $2 each), red birds (set of two for $4), small foam wreaths (50% 0ff for $2), "snow" letters (printed off my own computer), hot glue gun/glue sticks

*Note, some of the prices are estimated because I can not exactly remember. This wreath was inspired by one I saw for sale on Etsy. It was beautiful and I loved it, but it was $60 not including shipping. So, OF COURSE, I immediately thought, 'I can make that!' My wreath uses different materials, but still has the same feel.

First, I glued a wooden spool onto the dowel and glued a finial on top of that...shoved it into the foam wreath and painted it white. Then I painted the finial green. (this is the only part of the project that I used Gorilla Glue on)

Then, I made my felt flowers!! I can't believe that I made them! They are so beautiful! I followed a VERY EASY tutorial from Creative Jewish Mom! LOVE them! And really want to make more, but don't have time right now. The photos do not do them justice! Go make some! Right now!

Then I stopped taking photos and just made the thing! This only took a couple of hours. I watched a movie while doing it. It was my reward for finishing a paper and a study guide for school!
After I made the felt flowers from the red felt, I added little white tidbits to them, cut out green and white leaves, wrapped the foam wreath in white yarn, glued the snowflake ornaments and felt flowers/leaves onto the wreath, and tied a red yarn bow onto the bottom right of the wreath. THEN, I printed off red letters inside red circles (Kunstler script, size 72 font), wrapped a small foam wreath in red yarn, glued the letters and wreath to the big foam wreath, and started on the bird house!
I added a little piece of the dowel to the front of the bird house for the bird to sit on, covered it in white felt, wired the bird to it, tied a red piece of yarn below the house, and tied a single red velvet bell to each snowflake.
Sorry if that was a bit too much information packed into one paragraph, but a tutorial on this would be wayyyyy too long!

Wondering how I hung it up? I didn't like a regular wreath hanger on it because it covered up part of my handiwork. Besides, the wreath hanger is gold and I have no place to spray paint it (apartment life, sigh). So I tied a piece of the white fuzzy yarn around it, attached a command hook to the opposite side of the door (upside down), and hooked the piece of yarn on it. Make sense? Easy, keeps the wreath hangin up and keeps it lookin pretty! (ps: This is a hall closet door, so no one ever opens it.)

Happy wreath making!!

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