Home Decor - Week 7

Here are a few more announcements.

The winner of the $20 credit or 2 month store front from eWillow is announced here. Congratulations!!!

We have another giveaway from DECOmod Walls here. Ann is giving away another $30 credit to her shop. Sometimes I really wish that I could enter these giveaways. Would it seem suspicious if I won?

The tutorial for Kalleen's Mod Podge Hand Tree is now up in the Tutorial tab. Here's a link.

Remember... SYTYC will be featured on Studio 5 this morning (Monday) at 11 for all you Utah people!

And thanks to my big brother Matt for sketching the header for me last minute. I guess he's not all bad :)


Craft #1 - Switch It Up Pillow

Which pillow to choose?
Ever asked yourself that same question?
The 'Switch It Up' Pillow gives you several different looks..... so your home can have it all this year.

The pillow features several 'panels' that can be interchanged, as fast as your mood changes.

Store the additional 'panels' in the zipper compartment in the back.

Take one out, and attach it to the front.

The front has been stitched with the word "SPRINGTIME"

Now you can have the fun 'Switch It Up' pillow too. My Panels include a flower, a bumble bee (with a 'flappy' wing) and an Easter egg. You can use my patterns or make your own panels for your pillow. Your sure to make a statement with your original pillow.

Craft #2 - Family Tree

I have been wanting a family tree in my home for quite some time! So this was a perfect opportunity for me to create one! I decided to put it in our play room so my children can see it often.

Using fabric was the perfect choice because it is really soft to the touch, visually stunning, and is extremely durable against active kids.

The rolled metal photo frames are small and light weight so they will not be knocked off or broken. And the shine really catches your eye and accentuates the photo's!

The frames can be hand stamped with tiny letters with the relation of the person on the front so your children can be constantly reminded of who is who.

And the best part is that as your family grows your tree can grow too, just add another frame or two!

Craft #3 -Etched Glass Window

I have a lot of short windows in my home. The kind that are awkward to hang curtains from. Not that I would want curtains anyways. I love having a lot of light. The problem is that I live in the city where all the homes are really close together. I don't love looking out my windows and straight into my neighbors. I needed something that could give us privacy, but didn't block the light.

I've been looking at stained glass for a while, it's not in the budget and I was having trouble finding the right colors. That is how I came up this etched window. Using a store bought frame and etching gel I have the perfect window coving for all my trouble spots.

It works great above our coat rack, a place where curtains obviously wouldn't work.

I love how it hides the ugly view of the apartments next door.

Craft #4 - Argyle Pillows

Who doesn't love argyle? And if it's in felt...WOW! I just love pillows and I'm always trying to come up with new and funky pillow designs for my home. I love to embellish them with felt because they look so soft! This pillow came to me one night while I was sleeping and I had so much fun making them! The back of the pillow is envelope style so that you can take them off and change them out to fit your mood!

It will look great on your couch...

or on a shelf...

my kids love them too...


Voting goes until Friday at 8 pm MST!


em said...

OMGoodness! The etched glass window is SUPER cute! And since she put it on a frame, it's portable, for us renters!

~Pink~Doberman~ said...

Love the Etched Glass! Hmmm! Makes me want to make one myself!

Vivian said...

I really enjoyed all your ideas. Love the family tree and etched glass window. They are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Who puts pillows on a shelf?!

Jen said...

I absolutely love that argyle pillow!!!! I want to make one! =D

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