Week 6 Announcements

Here's the final standings for this week (you can click to see it bigger). Can you believe how close it came!?! That's the closest that it's ever been before.

Here again is each crafter and their craft.

Mod Podge Hand Tree by Kalleen @ At Second Street
Bunkbed ClubHouse by Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations
Tell Me a Tale by Emily @ A Skrapbkmoms Diary
Wooden Dolls by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff
Potato Stamps by Sarah @ Create Studio

Congrats to Kalleen for the Mod Podge Hand Tree! Isn't that amazing? The tutorial will be up shortly. Kallen has been on an envy inducing vacation and just barley got back.

We had to let Sarah go this week. I loved her Potato Stamps. I remember doing them as a kid. Remember to check out her other crafts and tutorials over at Create Studio.

Now for some really big news. Are any of you readers from Utah? Do any of you watch Studio 5 (the life style show for NBC in Salt Lake City)? Well guess what? SYTYC has been blog spotted!!! A few days ago I got an email from the producer saying that on Monday morning my blog will be featured. They, and apparently a lot of too, love Kalleen's hand tree so they're going to be showcasing that craft. I'm not sure exactly what time that segment will be, but Studio 5 starts at 11 am MST for all of you interested in watching.


Swati said...

I missed voting on this one, but I would not have voted on the two top ones (although I just adore them), because the theme is 'kids CAN do', not 'lovely kid related stuff'.

Anonymous said...

Since it's so close do we get a tutorial for both?? :)

Bobbie said...

I lived in Southern Utah for a couple of years and loved to watch studio 5. I wish Idaho had stuff like that. Congrats you totally deserve it :)

Kristin said...

....I will hopefully have a tut for the bunk bed clubhouse on the peapodcreations blog next week sometime ;-)


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