Teacher Gifts - Week 3

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It's just going to be a bare-bones post this week. We're in the middle of a move and we don't have internet yet (thanks wonderful in-laws for letting me mooch the www from you!). I'm hoping to have it by the middle of the week so I will be able to fill in the details then. Thanks for your patience!

I still have not heard from the winner fo the Lisa Leonard $50 giveaway. If it was you (check here) I need to hear from you by Friday or I will pick a new winner.

The winner of the Bath Time Challenge was Jessica with her Washcloth Sock Puppets! Weren't those adorable? The tutorial will be up shortly.

But that means someone has to go home. This week it's Holly @ Bijou Lovely. She's got some fantastic things over there at the Bijou. She even does custom baby bedding (the quilt she has pictured in awesome!). Keep checking up on her.

This weeks theme is Teacher Gifts and there are some great ones. Vote for your favorite on the poll in the sidebar before Friday night at 9 pm MST.


Craft #1 - Chair Back Organizer

I'm sure the gift a teacher really wants is a big wad of cash. But, since that isn't very crafty, I thought they might like something to organize a few of their numerous supplies. Whether they're at their desk at the front of the room or at a far table in the back of the classroom, they can put this Chair Back Organizer where ever they need quick access to some much needed supplies.

There are lots of pockets and spaces for all sorts of things! There are pockets for notebooks and folders....pencils and pens...little treats...even a place to hook your keys!

So, put it on your chair and load it up with all your supplies and goodies! Thanks for all your hard work teachers!

Craft #2 - Teacher Cover-All Apron

I asked my favorite first grade teacher what she'd REALLY like to receive as a gift. She explained how she'd ruined a few pairs of pants during craft time when little hands pull at her legs. She told me she'd love an apron that covered her pants from front to back. The result is Teacher's Cover-All Apron:

The apron is made with a gray denim, to give it lots of durability. The trim is a pretty white cotton with modern red flowers and wide red ricrac. The skirt covers all around the leg, and includes two large pleated pockets to keep craft supplies within reach. The wide double thick neck strap has d-rings to allow it to be adjustable as well as comfortable. The waist ties are long enough to tie in front, and allow for a customized and sturdy fit. The result is both pretty and functional. This apron could be customized for your favorite teacher in many ways, and the tutorial will teach you an innovative way to construct your apron without any visible seams. Help your favorite teacher look her best, especially after craft time, with the Cover-All Apron.

Craft #3 - Teacher Tote

It is no secret that every teacher takes work home to do on their free time. Why not give them a tote to carry that work home in style?

At first sight, it looks like a traditional tote, but the zippers on the side make it far more functional for any teacher!

Once the zippers on both sides are open, items in the many pockets are easily accessible. It also makes a handy place to do work when at Starbucks or any outing for that matter. On the right is a large pocket to hold a pad of paper (or to use to carry the grade book). On the left are 5 pockets plus 4 pen pockets to keep everything (including papers that need to be graded) organized and easy to reach. Any teacher would be thrilled to have this!

Craft #4 - Apple for your Teacher

Make something memorable for a hard working teacher in your life. Candles, lotion, tote bags and pencil holders made in the shape of an apple are all nice. But, this year, give your teacher something she can actually use in the classroom, and your little one can benefit from too!

Apple game consists of 9 dice...yellowish squares for the consonants and apple green squares for the vowels. And to encourage "fill in the blank" learning, several free spaces are included.

This game can be played several ways. Roll the dice and let the kids make words. For older kids, use a timer and see how many words they can form in a minute by rolling multiple times. The score cards are a spot to write the words down, check spelling and practice forming letters.

You'll need a sturdy box, 9 cubes, and a printer! Tutorial comes with a printable .pdf to make your own apple game in whatever size you'd like. You might want one to give and one to keep! Don't miss the cute box, lined with the graphic apple print. Perfect finishing touch.

Kids love bold colors and simple designs. They will love rolling the oversized dice and using their own little score card. From preschool to highschool, this game is fun for all.

Craft #5 - Stationary Box with Pencil Holder

Every teacher I know just loves fun stationary! Imagine how excited your child's teacher will be when she (or he) receive this handmade stationary box filled with cards...and pencils, too!
This is the perfect gift for kids of all ages to give to their teachers, from pre-school all the way up through high school.

The inside of the box has a divider to separate the cards and envelopes. Once the cards are all used up, the teacher can use the box as an index card holder for students to use when they check books out of the classroom library.

Teachers love writing thank you notes to all of their classroom volunteers. These handmade cards add the perfect personal touch! (Plus, a teacher can never have too many pencils, right?)

Craft #6 - Tote for Teacher

This tote was inspired by my 6th grade teacher. I remember her always carrying her purse, and this large navy blue tote that was kind of ugly and worn out. So here is a fun, colorful tote for the teacher that always has binders, graded papers, and other items to carry to and from their classroom.

I designed the tote to have a basic shape, where it's a rectangular bag. What makes this tote different is the scrunch handle. Rather than sewing the straps on, I used a package of extra large eyelets to thread the strap through. This allows the tote to scrunch at the top, so the contents won't fall out.

Made with white canvas for strength, and fully lined in turquoise, this tote could actually be reversible.

The back needed a little detail, so one blue tree stands alone.

The sewing is pretty basic and painting the tree design gives you lots of opportunity to make it unique for that great teacher who deserves a cute tote to lug all their supplies!

Craft #7 - Custom Notebook Cover

It seems a teachers to do list is endless: Grade papers, Call parents, Meet with the principal, and on, and on...!

So lets give teacher a special place to write all those endless to do lists, sketch out lesson plans and jot down a quick note...

with a custom made composition notebook cover.

Having your child design and draw a special picture of his/her teacher

will make him/her proud to give their teacher this one of a kind gift. And the teacher will love the unique and reusable gift, when the notebooks full all she has to do is slip off the cover and slip it on an empty notebook.

You will be surprised how easily and quickly this cute cover comes together...you may just end up making one for yourself, cause lets face it, us moms and dads are pretty busy too!

Craft #8 - Ruffled Clutch
At the end of each school year, teachers get more mugs, candles, lotions and picture frames than they know what to do with. Break free from the norm and give a gift Junior's teacher might actually pick out for herself, like this lovely little clutch.

Perfectly sized for essentials for trips to the teachers' lounge, but pretty enough to use after school and on weekends as a purse...

Made from vintage linens, lined with fun red and white polka dots and accented with a yellow ruffle, it's an out of the ordinary gift you know she'll love!


nana rosie said...

I had to chuckle....those note book covers are so darling & personal! LOVE them! Just still a little bummned about so many sewing project...... still no sewing machine for me! :(
BUT all in all they are ALL great teachers gifts!

Shannon said...

I want that teacher tote bag for myself. And I wish I could have the tutorial NOW to make it for my sons teacher for teacher appreciation day this friday!!!

Anna said...

Such great projects! But what about the teachers who are men? ;)

Amy Looney said...

I can tell you that, as a high school teacher, I would love, love, love that chair organizer!

Scarehaircare said...

Love the apron, epsecially how it protects from handprints all over the legs. I want it just for my kitchen. I'd add a few more things: wider front, possibly slope sides, and an X-back to make sure it stays all in place. I get little handprints all over from cooking with my daughter in the kitchen.

I am totally NOT craft. But I do have a summer coming up with a little more free time. Are there how-to's anywhere?

Kelli said...

What a GREAT category!! As a temporarily retired teacher, I applaud you! Teacher's NEED to be appreciated for how hard they work and the impact they have one our children's lives.

Shir Benovich said...

Wow! gorgeous projects!! Love them!

Lisa said...

Great gifts! I especially like the ruffled clutch.

Joylu52 said...

As a teacher I LOVE this theme!! :) Looking at all the crafts, I would love each and every one! The are all so beautiful and yet useful too, which is awesome. I want to know who made #3 "Teacher Tote" because I would like to put in an order for one!! I think it is so pretty plus functional! I think I would enjoy grading papers way more with a beautiful bag like that!

Jan said...

#3, for me.

Christy said...

i'm particularly fond of #3

Beth- the mama bee said...

As a teacher myself, I know which one is a must have. They are all really cute and thoughtful though.

Alisa said...

these are all great-- I love that they aren't so "teachery" but very useful

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