Finale & Season 4 Crafters

Can you believe we're to the finals? A huge congratulations goes to Charlene and Deidre for making it this far! Good luck this week (voting open until 9 pm MST on Friday)!

The fantastically lucky winner of the $50 gift card to Magnificent Metal has been chosen and announced here. Congrats!

And now to announce the 10 auditioners that will be competing in Season 4 of So You Think You're Crafty...

Kim @ A Girl and a Glue Gun with her Cardboard Clubhouse
Tina @ Simple. Inspired. Homemade with her Sunny Days Sunglass Holder
Emilie @ Emilie Handmade with her Super Absorbent Super Hero
Vanessa @ Tried and True with her Seat/Floor Cushion
Natalia & Whitnee @ Piece N Quilt with their Quilted Bed Runner
Kristin @ See Mommy Sew with her Summer Time Swim Suit
Heidi @ Hello Color with her Embroidered Slippers
Carrie @ Tao of Craft with her Rocket Ship Softie
Cheri @ I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar with her Leather Leaf Necklace
Mary Beth @ Addressing Spaces with her Time Worn Table

Congratulations ladies!!! I can't wait to see what you com up with in the upcoming weeks!

However there were three that won't be in this season. I hope that we'll see
Amber @ A Bunny World (Chalkboard Word Magnets)
Kelly @ Make it Sparkly Mama (Packet of Posies Wreath)
Brenda @ Therapeutic Crafting (Cupboard Chalkboard)
in a future season. But in the meantime make sure you keep up with their great sites!


Craft #1 - Paper Cake Treat Boxes

This three-tier cake is made from paper. Each tier is made up of eleven individual paper cake slices that are attached to each other. The pieces come apart easily, so when the party is over, each guest gets to take a piece of cake home.

Fill each cake slice with candy or any other special treat. You could even fill each slice with money, which would be a fun and new twist on a money tree. (This would make a great end-of-year teacher gift...each child could make one or two slices and fill each slice with a special thank-you note.)

The cake makes a great centerpiece. You can use an infinite amount of color combinations based on the occasion. Imagine how beautiful the cake would look made out of white paper for a wedding! Make it out of pink or blue for a baby shower. Endless possibilities!

Craft #2 - Romantic Picnic Tote

If you are tired of the same dinner and a movie date with your spouse, here is a great idea for a special night together. A picnic... without that big, boxy picnic basket. Find a babysitter, pack up a nice dinner and put it in your beautiful picnic tote!

When you unsnap the top, you can see how nicely organized all of your picnic items are.

This is not just any tote, however. The sides of the tote snap in the back to easily access the items for your picnic.

There are elastic straps to hold your wine glasses (cute plastic ones from Walmart), pockets for your plates and silverware, and a pocket for your picnic blanket.

The picnic blanket has a waterproof bottom, which is easy to clean (a simple modification of the outdoor play mat). It is a great way to enjoy your spouse. And if you really want to keep it cheap, put the kids to bed and have a picnic in the backyard. Just the two of you!

The cute fabric is curtousy of Danielle from Draw String Studio.


Rebecca said...

That picnic bag is AWESOME, I hope it wins, I would love to see the tutorial!!!

keight dukes said...

these are both seriously impressive in their own unique ways. i am voting for the picnic bag just because it's reusable and i wouldn't have to watch my hard work be destroyed by the guests!

Heidi V said...

Wow both crafts are awesome but I am going to have to vote for number 1! I love the paper cake idea and it is absolutely beautiful!

MJ said...

Both ideas are great! I would vote for the picnic bag though as it is something I would use myself and a great change from the big hamper :)

Brenbren said...

The voting isn't working for me again. Is it just me!?! It says google error

Missy said...

Just keep trying. Sometimes blogger is really lame. I'm in the middle of switching everything to another platform so hopefully things will get better.

Cathy Hutton said...

Once the voting is finished, do we find out the blog that they are from? I would love to see a tutorial on the Paper Cake Treat Boxes. It would be awesome for at a 1st Birthday party! We'll have one of those next year and these would be great lolly bags!

Missy said...

You bet Cathy! I'll let you know who's is who's

nana rosie said...

Not to be mean...but really, ANOTHER TOTE!?
I love the idea of this blog sharing so many DIFFERENT craft ideas here. AND while this tote looks VERY WELL made & is very lovely, I just felt like that is all we had to choose from with this last challange, was a LOT of tote crafts. SORRY, I hope I did not offend anyone. It was just meant to help future crafter's to get a honest opinion. I will keep my opinions to myself & let my VOTE do my talking.

Cathy Hutton said...

Can't wait! I'm new to visiting your site so I wasn't quite sure what the go was! Thanks for such a prompt response!

Rachel said...

I think they are both awesome!! I would love to see the tute for both of them, but I think the cake is just so different and unique, that has got my vote.


qi* said...

i think the paper cake is awesome! i'd love to bring something like this home as a souvenir after a party.

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

It's sewing vs. papercrafting! They are both so cute. This contest gets harder and harder every cycle!

Afreaka said...

The paper cake is so amazing. Wow! I would love to have one of those at my party. It would definitely be a hit.

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