For You - Week 1

Craft #1 - Creative Journal - Kim @ The Sassy Crafter

It seems like creative ideas pop into my head at the craziest times. I often get busy with other things and before I know it I'm asking myself, "Now what was that great idea I had earlier?" I've learned that the secret is to capture the ideas by writing them down. But a plain old journal simply doesn't cut it. I feel like I need a journal that's brimming with as much creativity as I am.

This handmade journal is the perfect mix of old and new. It uses an age-old binding technique called coptic stitch that is both beautiful and functional. The binding allows the book to open completely flat -- perfect for artsy types who want to sketch out their next projects! And the cover includes an unexpected twist, merging a photograph of warm vintage fabric with a sleek piece of aluminum.

In a winning tutorial, I'll give you full instructions for transferring images onto metal. I'll also provide detailed, photo-by-photo instructions on how to successfully bind books using the sometimes-intimidating coptic stitch. You'll not only learn new techniques, you'll also be able to make a great journal that captures your inspirations!

Craft #2 - Flowers in Her Hair
- Emily @ A Skrpbookmom's Diary

Make a bold statement by wearing this cute headband made from 100% wool felt and sparkly tulle. Made with the colors of the rainbow, it will match just about any outfit. It's funky, flirty and just plain cute. These make great gifts for your friends, but beware, you just might want to keep it for yourself!

Craft #3 - Homage to Ingo - Jessi @ Sweetie Pie Bakery

I chose to interpret the theme of this week for what it was-for you...As in, for me. As crafters, we are often sewing for our children, friends and family. I don't know about you, but I never make time to give something to myself. I thought this week would be the perfect opportunity to do just that. I didn't even have to check a project list to decide what I wanted to work on...

For me, the perfect project is where art, design and craft meet. I want something beautiful, unique, functional and most importantly-doable!

I chose to create a chalkboard for my kitchen, made from an old frame and some broken dishes. It has a wonderful "diner" feel to it. I love that. Scattered and shattered dishes in a bright white, contrasted against the black chalkboard, this piece could go with anyone's decor. It's a great piece of art for our kitchen, and as a bonus, we now have a place to write our shopping lists, schedules or love notes.

Craft #4 -Family Tree File Bag
- Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

When I heard the theme of this week was "For You". I immediately knew that I wanted my craft to be not only For You, but for you and you and you...Meaning everyone that comes after YOU on your family tree. What a better gift to give than the gift of yourself! This will not only benefit you but will benefit all that come from you.

(the words have been photoshoped on so my handwriting is not recognizable. These words will be embroidered on in white floss in the tutorial)

What is it? You ask. It's a three ring binder camouflaged as a beautiful family tree purse. You can sling it over your shoulder to bring it with you everywhere you go! No need to miss one single day of writing about YOU for all of the yous in your growing family tree.

When opened the inside will be filled with 365 questions that will let those that come after you know YOU. You will also be amazed at the calming affect that writing about you will bring to your life. And it comes in such a fabulous package who could resist?

Tutorial will include the Binder Purse and the 365 Questions to be placed inside!

I believe that there is no better gift to give those after you than to know a little bit about you! And it's also the perfect gift for YOU because you get to pass on the bits of information that are really important to YOU and from your point of view. This is perfect for those of us who wished we wrote in our journals but just don't ever get around to it. And it's perfect for those that do so our future generations know not only about our everyday routine but about the little things that make us who we are! So this gift is for YOU...and you...and you...

Craft #5 -Tag Wallet - Kalleen @ At Second Street

Who says you have to spend money to hold your money? I made myself a wallet out of things I already had, clothing tags and paper. Despite it's humble start and small detail this wallet makes a big statement.

Don't let the paper fool you. It's surprisingly durable.

What label would you give it crafty, whimsical, fabulous?

It fits my many moods from crafter to wannabe fashionista.

Craft #6 - Flirty Denim Skirt Makeover - Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous

I had an old denim skirt that sat in the back of the closet forever just begging for some love. And let me tell ya, it recently got a lotta love!! I gave it a huge makeover and created this fun flirty, ruffle skirt out of it. The cool thing about this skirt makeover is, I didn't even have to hem it. I just moved the existing hem line up 12"! I can't wait to wear my "new" skirt this spring!

The before and after. I distressed the denim to update the finish and add character. Amazing the difference a little distressing does!

The denim flower added the perfect embellishment to this cute skirt.

Craft #7 - Flower Bag - Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations

"Flowers are happy things."
-P.S. Wodehouse

I love spring, and look forward to the flowers breaking through the soil. I think that this was part of what inspired me to think 'flower'.

This purse was made from soft suede, trust me it really is as soft as a rose petal!

I love the color green, so the 'split pea soup green' is just an added bonus here. When I found the green dot fabric, I knew I found my purse lining... fresh spring peas anyone??

Details include hand made fabric covered buttons, hand stitched petals, magnetic closure...darts added to the bottom to make it a 'fuller' purse. With a winning tutorial I will show you tips and tricks so you can make this purse or another lined purse with this basic shape.

Craft #8 -Sweet Tea Etched Glass - Sarah @ Create Studio

You know you're from the South if quality "For You" time is spent sipping a tall glass of sweet tea. Yum! And you know you're a Southern Belle if everything you own is monogramed... including your Sweet Tea Dispenser!

My dear friend Anna is a true Southern Belle. She loves entertaining, sweet tea, and Tim, her new fiancé! She'll be getting a brand new last name in May, and what better way to celebrate than with an etched glass sweet tea dispenser made by yours truly!

What bride doesn't love seeing her new initial all over everything, Southerner or not!? In a winning tutorial I'll show you two very easy and inexpensive techniques, so you can get a head start on all of your wedding gifts.

Craft #9 - Everyday, Three Way Accessory - Jenny @

I am always scrounging around for a chunky necklace or cute scarf to sass up an outfit. Sometimes, it's hard to decide which to choose! (I know, the serious problems in life).

So for this challenge, I came up with a necklace/scarf hybrid called the Everyday, Three Way Accessory. It's unique, functional, and best of all super cute!

A funky knot anchors loops and layers of lush jersey knit. Here are three ways you can wear it:

1. Simply throw the Everyday, Three Way Accessory on over a plain tee:

2. Double it up to create a necklace feel:

3. Or pull the ends through and wear it like a scarf:

Dressed up or down, one thing's for sure. You are going to look fabulous wearing it!

Craft #10 - Monthly Memories - Corey @ Life with Little Ones

This is a years worth of joy all bundled up inside a beautiful envelope! Grandparents, friends and loved ones will look forward to receiving these handmade 9" x 12" envelopes every month, for an entire year. Fill them with notes from your children, art work or other mementos that you wish to send. This is a wonderful way to help loved ones feel close to your family all year long. The envelopes are designed to correlate with holidays such as; Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving, each to be sent during the correlating month. I even included a special birthday envelope to honor the recipient with during the month of their birth. Each envelope is labeled and stamped with the month of delivery and sealed with a twine/ button closure.

I thought it would be fun to make a few smaller envelopes that can hold 4"X6" photographs of your children or loved ones... Simply insert the smaller envelope into the larger envelope prior to shipping and , voile! Perfect memories.

One envelope per month for an entire year.... Twelve different chances to let someone know how very much they are loved.

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