Under $5 - Week 2

Craft #1 - Food Cozy - Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations

Need to get a meal to someone sick? Dinner to a family with a new baby?
Do you want your Brownies to be warm when you get to a party? Or maybe you need a housewarming gift?
...You need the food cozy

I love to make meals for those around me. I enjoy this simple act of service that can be accomplished even with a growing family at home.

This carrier was made for under $5.00 and can easily transport a meal from your house to another. This simple pattern was one of my great grandmother's. So go raid the piggy bank and lets make this inexpensive project together.

Craft #2 - ABC Soup
- Emily @ A Skrpbookmom's Diary

My kids are all about letters and spelling these days. And what better way to help them out then by making them these fun fabric letters! They are so easy to make and your kids will have hours of entertainment! The best part that the whole set cost me under $5!!

In the winning tutorial, you will not only get directions on how to make them yourself, but you will get a download to the alphabet that I created by hand!! That way you can print them out at home or take them to your local copy store and make them yourself. Your kids will love them and maybe you'll get a few minutes of free time while they spell away!

Craft #3 - 'Heart Felt' Button Covers
- Corey @ Life With Little Ones

We take holidays pretty seriously around this house. I love dressing my children for the occasion but have found throughout the years that holiday apparel can not only be pricey but not always very cute. I decided to try something a little bit different for this Valentine's Day and made a holiday accessory that can be added to the clothing that you already have. The hearts are made of felt and embroidery thread, with a hole cut into the middle. Simply slip the felt heart over a button and, voile! Ready to go!

These are perfect for little ones as well as older children. You can apply this idea to any color variation or shapes that you can imagine. The possibilities are endless... I am seeing little Pine trees for Christmas, Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day , even multi-colored eggs for Easter. What fun!

Why have the fun stop there? Add a few hearts to the laces of your favorite shoes too...

A perfect pairing!

Craft #4 - Springtime Skirt - Kim @ The Sassy Crafter

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring! I'm itching to trade in my pants and sweaters for fresh, flirty skirts. ButI need to be a little more budget conscious this spring, and that's where the springtime skirt comes in. Can you believe that it cost less than $5 to make?

pillowcase skirt
The secret is that it's made from two thrift-store pillowcases! I've seen tutorials that tell you how to turn a single pillowcase into a skirt, but they're always too slender for my hips. My solution was to piece together two pillowcases so that I had a skirt that fit both me and my budget.

pillowcase skirt
I think it's going to be perfect for picnics in the park. I can't wait!

pillowcase skirt

Craft #5 - Suit Jacket Clutch - Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous

This week I made a fabulous clutch from a $4 suit jacket that I got at a thrift store. I love that it is masculine, but yet feminine and very stylish. With so many different types of suit jackets out there, you can create tons of different one-of-a-kind clutches. And with this simple design, this clutch is a great project for beginning sewers as well as advanced sewers.

The coolest part is I was able to reuse different elements of the suit jacket to make this clutch. For the bottom of the clutch, I cut off a cuff and sewed it in place to give the bottom structure instead of using a plastic insert. The cuff worked perfectly! And for the lining, I used the coat's silk lining for a smooth interior. I even used the naturally distressed buttons for an awesome accent.

Because I was able to reuse different parts of the jacket, the only other supply I needed was a magnetic snap, which after a coupon, was under $1.

This is my $4 beauty that got transformed.

Now the question is, where's your man's suit jacket? right ;)

Craft #6 - Clip What you Love - Jenny @ JennyGarland.com

This project is easy peasy and costs less than $5!
You simply clip what you love to the base that looks like this:

I clipped a picture of my cutie's bum at the beach because it always makes me smile!

You could also clip your daily "to do list" or a sweet note.

This simple project would make a fantastic teacher or hostess gift! I leave mine on my desk for a splash of girly fun.

Craft #7 - On The Go Book - Kalleen @ At Second Street

Looking for something to keep your kids happy while on the go? Something you can pack along when you're out shopping, at a restaurant, waiting at the doctors office or even driving in the car? I was. I was tired of handing over my iphone every time I needed entertainment on the go. I needed something fun and entertaining yet inexpensive and compact.

This personalized
On The Go Book will grab any kids attention.

Made of inexpensive felt, this book is just the right size to go in mom's bag.

It comes with three activities:

My kids love it, especially because they saw mom making making it just for them.

Craft #8 - Lovebirds' Bookhouse - Sarah @ Create Studio

Librarians, turn your heads! For my "Under $5" project I deconstructed a book to make a whimsical lovebird bookhouse... err, birdhouse.

But since lovebirds are happier in pairs, I splurged to make a companion birdhouse and hung them both above my favorite reading chair. These little lovebirds make the space so whimsical and inviting! Can't you see these hanging in a child's bedroom, playroom or in a sunroom? Make a set without the ribbon and these would be adorable bookends! I also love how the book pages came together in little hearts, very fitting for our lovebird pair!

Tweet Tweet!

Craft #9 - Huggies Clutch
- Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

Under $5.00 huh? I decided to grab a Huggie's wipes case ($1.30), 2 pieces of felt ($0.40), 1/4 yard fabric ($1.00), 24 sheets of paper ($0.20), a magnet ($0.70), and some hot glue sticks ($0.40) and create a fabulous organizer/day planner/clutch.

As women on the go we are constantly checking our calendars, making to do lists, and unfortunately forgetting our keys. I wanted one fashionable item to help me out without feeling like I am carrying around my home, missing my appointments, and losing my brain along the way. So here you have it...

A Wipes Case Clutch.
Simply grab it and go. Slip it into your purse. Or hide it away in your glove box. However you roll, you won't want to live another day without it!

Tucked away safely inside is a pen, a tear off calendar, a tear off to do list, your spare key (or gym key, or mailbox key, etc...) some emergency cash, and your business/credit/gift cards.

The winning tutorial will include directions on how to make the fabulous Wipes Case Clutch from start to finish, a pdf template for both the tear off calendar and Things I Need To Do pads, and the directions on how to make a tear off pad.

All that for $4.00. So slip that leftover $1.00 bill into your emergency cash holder, grab your clutch, and you're good to go.

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