Green - Week 3

This week Dana @ Made was again our winner. We were really sad to say "good-bye" to Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations.

Craft #1 - Scrap ribbon Wallet/Clutch - Ashley @ Lil Blue Boo

I love giving my project scraps new life instead of just throwing them into the trash. These little wallets (or clutches depending on the size you make them) are made from small scrap ribbons that most people would have already thrown away! I made one for a “little princess” and one for her teacher. I personalized one of the gifts with a printed tag made from a ribbon and an iron on ink-jet transfer (the name is blurred out for the contest). They look intricate but they are super easy because there are only 2 measurements to remember and all of the seams are covered by ribbon you can’t really mess this project up. There is a vinyl pocket for an ID or a photo, three slanted pockets for credit cards/money and a key ring can easily be added so you can travel light. They close with a magnetic clasp. These would be perfect stocking stuffers or Christmas presents! Think “green” and think twice before throwing your scraps away!

*Craft #2 - Grocery Totes - Dana @ MADE*

Ready to go green? Then say goodbye to your old grocery bags by melting them into something cute. Afterall, plastic is the new plastic, right?

These grocery totes are made from 8 layers of grocery bags fused together and sewn into a personalized carry-all.

Now the grocer can pack your good into their proper food groups: bread, green veggies, milk, and ice cream (cause that's a food group at our house).

Craft #3 - Christmas Frame - Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations

For this weeks theme I intrepreted it two differnt ways. Green as in the color color green and also going "green." Since Christmas is right around the corner I thought Christmas trees would be a great way to intrepret this weeks theme. As for the going "green" part I upcycled an old frame I had laying around the house and used some scraps of paper, burlap and some buttons to make the inside. This project was so simple and inexpensive to make and it will make your house more festive for the holidays!

Craft #4 - Cozy Car Caddy - Jill @ Homemade by Jill

Little dudes, start your engines! This Cozy Car Caddy features bright green fabric and earth-friendly denim, recycled from an old pair of dad's jeans. The inside pockets are big enough to hold six matchbox cars and are within an easy distance from the highway. The caddy folds up into a little 6x5 inch pouch of fun, compact enough to take anywhere. Vroom!

*a similar project can be found at My Little Gems*

Craft #5 - Winter Green Blanket
- Jessica @ Happy Together

When I first thought about this week's challenge, I know I could have gone two ways: go green by recycling or make something green. I decided to make something green.

This little blanket is perfect for when you want to spend a little time snuggled up on the couch to do some hand work. I wanted it to be cute and winter like, but not necessarily Christmas like, so I could keep it out longer.

I made mine smaller so I would finish this challenge on time, but you could easily change the size.

Craft #6 -Poor Girls Chandelier
- Kathleen @ Katydid & Kid

I love the juxtaposition between what we think of as garbage and what we think of as fine art. Since I try to go green whenever I can, I thought it would be interesting and beautiful to create a chandelier using cardboard--something which would normally be cast away after use.

Wouldn't this be cute in a kids' playroom or clubhouse? And yes, you can actually burn candles in it (adults only, of course).

Truly a chandelier worthy of a Paper Bag Princess.

Craft #7 - Green Apron - Mique @ 30 Days

With a theme like green, the sky is the limit. I had a stack of favorite fabrics that I have been holding onto, not wanting to touch. I decided this theme was the perfect time to dive into them (as they all happened to have green in them ). I only had to use a bit of each of them to create this scrappy green apron. It'd be perfect for leftover scraps too.

Craft #8 - Lime "Green" Necklace - Vanessa @ V&Co

The theme green could be taken in a few ways, to recycle, the color, or greenery…I chose to go with the color green.

I love necklaces and this necklace was made with wooden beads, spray paint, and brown ribbon.

So easy, yet elegant.

I’ve worn it around town and have been asked on several occasions where I got it. when I say I made it, people are even more impressed with it!

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