And then there were two...

Well we're down to our final two. I don't have a screen shot of the results from last week, but the poll will still show them until tomorrow. If you couldn't guess, here are the creators of each gorgeous piece.

Upcycled Bracelets by Kalleen @ At Second Street
Fabric Scrap Braceltes by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff
Shine Through the Rain Necklace by Emily @ A Skrapbkmoms Diary

So that means that Kalleen and Shannon will be in the final two! Congrats you guys! We're sorry to see Emily go, but I'm sure she'll still be doing great things over at her blog A Skrapbkmoms Diary.

The winners of the 2 $25 gift cards to This & That from Japan are announced here. If you didn't happen to win, still check out the shop. There's still a huge sale going on!

And we have another giveaway from Forever You! This time 3 people will be winners of either a 50%, 25% or 15% off anything in her shop! Check out here for more details.

Starting tomorrow will be the audition round for Session 3! There are just about 20 ladies trying for the top 10 spots. Remember to come back tomorrow to vote!!

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