Kids Can Do - Week 6

The only announcements I forgot to post yesterday are the best ones... giveaways!

The winner of the Quilt Taffy $25 gift card is announced here. If it is you, Congrats! and please let me know asap.

Charlene at eWillow is giving away another $20 shopping spree or two-month storefront! If you love paper crafts this is the giveaway for you! They're expanding their shop so there's a little for everyone! Get more details in the giveaway section.


Craft #1 - Tell Me a Tale

My daughter LOVES when I told her that she got to help me with this week's project, she was so excited! I wanted to make something that she could use and since we are going on a couple of long road trips this summer, I wanted something she could use in the car. She loves games and loves to talk, so I figured these Tell Me a Tale dice would be perfect! I wanted them all to be about her and the things she loves, so she drew pictures.

And this is how they ended up! Roll them and they have to tell you a tale about whatever pictures come to the top! We've already spent hours playing this game together and each tale is different!

Craft #2 - Mod Podge Hand Trees

I have to be honest. I love my kids. I love crafts. But I hate kid's crafts. The thing that I hate about them is that five minutes after they have created something, I want to throw it away. I just don't like the clutter.
I knew I had to come up with something I would treasure instead of trash. My kids and I created these beautiful hand trees. I feel so much joy every time I walk past them.
They are personalized with trunks made from their arm and hand. I really enjoyed spending one on one time with each kid as we put these together.
Mod Podge is the perfect medium for kids crafts. You can't mess it up. Since it dries clear you can't see all the mistakes and spills. My kids kept commenting on how much the loved "painting".
Worthy of being hung in a prominent place my kids are more than happy to show off their handy work. Each tree is different just like my kids.

Craft #3 - Potato Stamps

This is one of those projects we've all done at summer camp at one point, and now it is probably just a dusty old memory. I hope to revive that love you once had for... potato stamping!
It's so easy that even little hands can do it with some guidance, and the results are beautiful.
With some help from my little friend, we made sailboat and Sadie the Scottie Dog stationery, gift wrap and enclosure cards.
What a great way to teach kids the value of writing thank you notes when they get to do it on stationery they proudly made!
And you can bet your little helper will be even more proud to give a gift wrapped in original handmade gift wrap.

Craft #4 - Bunkbed Clubhouse

....a craft kids can help make? Boy oh boy did my kids have some grand ideas. I let them take the reins and they ran with it! They loved the felt clubhouses that people make to go over their card tables.... however, I didn't want a card table set up in the house all the time. So we made a compromise.

And the bunk bed club house was born

Enter through the 'hole' in the tree, which is made to be level with the bottom bunk.

Complete with a tree that has velcro for apples or flowers....(and for future banana's and letter's like the chicka chicka boom boom tree)

There is also a garden with pockets to hold carrots, beets and turnips.

Store your harvest from the garden or tree in the basket....or maybe you'll want to put flowers in the basket instead. (the basket is open to hold all sorts of goodies)

This project was started and finished within the week...but I think it would make a fun summer vacation project!

There is plenty or tracing, cutting and simple sewing to keep all ages happy.

Each fruit, veggie and flower if stuffed with batting and looks great from the front and back. The main parts of the tree and garden have been satin stitched around the edges, and the flap for the hole is double layered and reinforced....Everything really has been made to top quality, yet can easily be done as a family project!

It's great that the kids can attach this to the bunk bed, and easily take it need to use every blanket in the house now, not when you have your own bunk bed clubhouse!

Craft #5 - Wooden Dolls

Crafting with kids can be so much fun! This craft will let you be extra creative while your children can be creative at the same time and they will both come together to create one amazing toy that you and your kids will treasure forever!

While you cut out, paint, and glue the actual wooden doll.

You and your children can cut out and design the clothes and accessories. And you can use the shaving cream technique together to create a tie-dye look.

And then your children can decorate the other items using foam stickers and crayons.

And it makes a perfect toy and project for on the go. Slide the doll into the first slot in an expanding file folder and behind it you can organize everything they need. Put in crayons, foam stickers, and extra blank clothes according to types; pant, shirts, dresses, shoes, etc.

Whether you have a boy or a girl, this toy and project will keep them entertained and creating for hours! And what a special time to spend creating with them! It's fun to see what their imaginations come up with! And the best part is the clothes stick to the wooden doll without any adhesive making it super fun, super clean, and super easy to play with!

The winning tutorial will include tips and tricks for cutting with your scroll saw, tips and tricks on tole paining techniques, and how to create the clothes, patterns for the clothes, and the shaving cream technique to create tie-dye clothes. And of course I will include in the tutorial boys clothing and instructions on turning your blank doll into a boy!


Voting and Giveaway open until 8 pm MST.


Annabella Gordon said...

There are some great projects this week! The tree hands are beautiful and so creative! The playhouse is cool, but I've seen it alot lately, and most kids can't sew (I don't think it fits into the theme), and I love the wooden doll! Thanks ladies for some fun ideas to do with my grandkids!

1 Funky Woman said...

I so agree with you about crafts. I want to throw them away too, but my daughter digs them out of the garbage! I love the hand trees. Just too cute! I know my 5 year old would love it but could I actually get my 10 year old son to do one too?

Susan S. said...

I love the felt bunkbed playhouse! My kids are always tearing theirs up to play "tent/fort/hideout". This is way better!

Always Me said...

I love these ideas. I did have a question or two about the bunkbed clubhouse. How much felt did it take to create? Was it costly?

Anonymous said...

I to am in the midst of creating the bottom bunk into a clubhouse for my lil man, age 7. older son, age 10 just got a really cool loft in his room and lil man was feeling sad. So i thought, i'd get yards and yards of felt and make a clubhouse and take the bottom bunk out.

I too got the idea from the card tables but my kiddos are too big for that.

KT in MI

The Witty's said...

i LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE the arm/hand trees!!! I would like to save this and wait until my little one has an arm that is longer than 12 inches--haha!

Anonymous said...

Okay so now that the voting is over and I don't spoil myself... I have to say... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand tree artwork! GENIOUS!

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