Week 5 Winners and Announcements

Here's the final tally you guys (you can click it to see it bigger)! And just so you know, I got enough convincing emails from you all that I will let the poll post the results throughout the week :)

And FYI here are the crafters of each project. It is also posted in the Past Crafts tab as well.

Dinoland Suitcase by Kalleen @ At Second Street
Sailboat Curtain & Towels by Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations
Little Man Shoes by Sarah @ Create Studio
Monster Cloths by Emily @ A Skrapbkmoms Diary
Golf on the Go by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff
Guitar Case by Jenny @ JennyGarland.com

The winner was once again Kalleen with her awesome Dinoland Suitcase. Wasn't that amazing?!? The tutorial is posted here.

And although Jenny's Guitar Case was fantastic, the competition this week was fierce. Be sure to keep checking on her over at JennyGarland.com.

Now I have a favor to ask of you. I'm getting ready for Session 3 of SYTYC and I'm hitting a wall trying to think of theme ideas! Please leave a comment or send me an email with any themes you would like to see.


Swati said...

How about folksy or ethnic? Or scientific? Fancy costume? Water/sea? Family involved/kid craft?

lysa said...

Miniatures. Fairies/elves. Book theme. Dr. Seuss. Sci-fi. Outer Space?

Pink Dogwood said...

What about themes related to the different rooms of a home?

Keep up the great work. I adore these competitions. I can only hope that one day I will have enough time to become a competitor!!

Kimbo West said...

My favorite Project runways or design stars are when they can only buy things at a beauty supply store, or the automotive store, or the hardware store, or they can only use a pair of levis, or only buttons, or things found in a junk drawer or under your bed....Oh, this is fun. I could go on and on and on.

AlchemyJunk said...

edible, recycled, paper

Carole and Lee said...

For the Birds

We've got spirit. (like a cheerleader cheer)

Anonymous said...

Getting dressed up
For the hair
For the walls
Telling time
Paper crafts
Repurposed clothing
Thrift store finds
Grandparents day
baby gifts

Krissa said...

Play kitchen stuff, only using denim or felt, something to be used outdoors

fawnda said...

Here are a few of my ideas:

Teacher gifts
Earth day (April 22th)
Dollar store challange

I love SYTYC! : )


Janel said...

Definately EDIBLE!

I also like Kimbo's ideas from project runway - one material (levi's) or one place (the gas station) etc... LOVE THOSE!

Love this site!

Andréann said...

you can have a celebration theme; wedding, baby shower, birthday party...

something made out of flowers, a spring themed one... I'm out of idea already...

Anonymous said...

For the garden
Something wearable
On the go

Nicolette Stephens said...

what about doing something "completely different" and doing a session where each week is a project that has to include a specific material... i.e. The craft for week one would have to include "foam"... The next week would have to include "buttons"... you could make the objects could be as ordinary or unique as you like... just an idea... love this blog!

Deeedra said...

I like the idea of requiring a specific item in the project and the Project runway idea.

How about...
something for a dress up box
something for the car
something for outside/summer
something for a specific person - ie. mom, dad, grandparents, neighbor, pastor, etc.

Just some randoms.

Anonymous said...


Victoria said...

How about a timed craft: make it in 15 minutes or one hour?

For dogs only (or cats!)

Upcycled craft

LeAnne said...

'Naptime' Crafts
For the Car - things things that kids can make in the car during car trips or an item they can play with in the car
Something for Birthdays
Something for the Outdoors
Something for Baby
Twist on Totes - taking the normal tote bag and doing something to it to make it unique and 'their' style
Accessories for Boy or Girl or you could do a week for each

I also like the 'element' ideas:

Avid Accents said...

i think someone said recycled, which is great. also a jewelry theme or even the hardware store theme im doing next month on my blog.
Well cant wait to see what u pick!

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