A 32 year-old mother of two, Dana’s husband calls her a busy-body. She couldn’t agree more. When the children go to sleep the count-down begins. How much creative energy can she expound in one night? Sewing projects, refashioning ideas, blogging, photo tweaking, hairclip stitching, and late night cookie baking often keep her up till 1am. It’s a good thing the kids sleep-in till 8.

Many of Dana’s sewing projects revolve around children. She realized one day: their clothing takes ½ the fabric and ½ the time. And who can discount the adorable built-in fashion models running around her house? Parallel to her sewing, Dana finds the photo shoot to showcase her ideas equally as thrilling. Trying to make clothing look beautiful and fresh through photography is a big part of what she loves and how she blogs. Please visit her at MADE.

*Dana was the winner of Session 1 of SYTYC*

Dana's Crafts:

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