I'm a wife and mother to four children. I recently graduated with my doctorate degree in Audiology, and enjoy that profession, but find my greatest joys in my family and creating. I've drawn since I could hold a pencil, and sewn since I was 4, thanks to a nurturing mom who still inspires me. Creating something new or figuring out how to put something together keeps me centered and happy. I started my craft blog July 2009, more as a way to say thanks to all the other blogs I'd been reading and learning from, and it has evolved from there. I had the great opportunity to study abroad in Israel during college, which had a profound effect in my life. I've lived in several Western states, and now enjoy living in rural Idaho. My husband and I built our home, including the framing, roofing, electrical, finish work, and all the painting. I believe that to create is a divine desire. It is my hope that as I share my adventures in creating and family life, I can spark another person's creativity.

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