Bath Time - Week 2

Craft #1 - Spa Bath Art Ann @ DecoMOD Studio

Did someone say bath time? Or was it RELAX TIME?

SPA BATHROOMS are the big trend in bathroom design and decor.

Create some modern wall art, fit for a high end retreat,

with a few simple supplies and a couple of dollars.

Metallics are big in fashion and decor. Combine them with earthy colors and clean lines
to create some very soothing wall art with.
You get a lot of bang for your buck on this one. Easy and fast, and neutral enough to go with most decor. Switch up the colors and sizes for many different looks!!

Modern, simple, soothing

Craft #2 - Modern Shower Curtain Holly @ Bijou Lovely

A modern shower curtain with unique details will add a little visual interest to your bathroom.

Using a full-sized flat sheet as the base of the shower curtain cuts down on fabric costs and hemming.

The stitch and slash technique creates a bold graphic pattern, and the raw edge will fray nicely over time.

A winning tutorial will teach you the basics of making a shower curtain and how to perform the stitch and slash technique to add unique and interesting patterns to all kinds of projects.

Craft #3 - Bath Pad
Deidre @ A Craft A Day

The bath pad is the perfect solution to prevent sore knees when giving your child a bath. The top and bottom are padded, providing cushion for your arms and knees.
Simply use the suction cups on the top to hold it in place and wash away. The bath pad is waterproof so there will be no issues with mold. Just wipe it off and store it.

No more soap bottles falling in the tub! The pocket in the middle is perfect for holding your child's bath needs.

And for Mom's safety, there is nonslip material on the bottom.

Craft #4 - Stay-Put Hand Towel
Lynette @ Get Your Craft On

Don't you just hate it when you go to dry your hands off and you find the towel lying on the floor? Eliminate that problem completely with this super simple, yet super functional Stay-Put Hand Towel.

Your kids can now reach the towel because it hangs down low enough for them, yet they can't pull it off. It buttons in place to keep it securely on the towel bar. Keep that towel exactly where you want it!

And it looks cute too! Happy hand washing!

Craft #5 - Pedicure Set Chris @ Pickup Some Creativity

When I was given the theme "Bath Time", I immediately wanted to create something pampering for my mom. She works full time, takes care of my dad, and I wanted to do something to encourage her to relax. The result is the Pedicure Kit.

It includes a bag with a ruffle detail, which measures 10 by 12 inches, to hold all the important tools needed for a great pedicure. The kit is kept closed, when not in use, with two snaps. Inside, the bag has small pockets to hold tools, an inner zipper pocket for nail polish, and a stretchy pocket to hold another key part of the kit... a pair of spa slippers.

These slippers are styled like flip flops to prevent smearing the nail polish. They are made with soft terry, and use grosgrain ribbon for the toe hold. The bottoms are non-slip, and inside they have a soft foam insole. The side panel allows you to dress these slippers up any way you'd like to.

The pedicure kit would make a great gift for Mother's Day, or for any woman needing a reminder to make some time for herself.

Craft #6 - Birdbath Centerpiece Charlene @ eWillow

I think it's safe to say that birds are the only other creatures besides humans who have bathtubs designed just for them! And who doesn't like to glance out of their window and catch a glimpse a birds having fun playing in a bird bath? It's an adorable sight.
You can use this birdbath as a table centerpiece for a wedding or a baby or bridal shower.

You can fill the bath with flowers, candy, or anything else you can think of!

You can make several birdbath centerpieces. They can double as the table decorations for your party and also be the prizes for the lucky winners of the shower games that everyone loves to play! Tweet tweet!

Craft #7 - Sugar Plum Bath Fizzies Shilo @ "Toad"ly Crafts

Don't let these tasty looking cake slices fool you!

These delicious looking desserts are actually a pampering, skin softening bath fizzy!

The wedges were made with a "mold" that you can pick up at your local grocery store. A few ingredients, a sweet Sugar Plum scent, a layer of "frosting" and you have a delightful and unique party favor for all those summertime showers... that will do double duty as a fun center piece!

Or package them individually in a box or a cello bag...

(Be sure to notice in the bottom of this picture, the bath fizzy in action, softening your skin while it bubbles and dissolves in your bath tub!)

...tie with a pretty bow and you have a great little gift for your co- workers, girlfriends or just to brighten someones day!

Craft #8 - Vintage Linen Storage Bins
Cheryl @ A Pretty Cool Life

No one wants their overnight guests to struggle looking for essentials in the bathroom. These fabric storage bins not only keep everything in plain sight and within arm's reach, they're as pretty as they are functional.

Made from vintage linens and lined in cheery gingham, they're lovely to look at, unlike their plastic counterparts.

And once your guests have returned home, they're perfect to use for your own bathrooom belongings.

Craft #9 - Washcloth Puppets Jess @ Running With Scissors

It's bath time!

Rather than your typical washcloths, kids can have fun with washcloth puppets!




Made with actual washcloths, these simple designs are quick and easy to create.
A great bath toy, and a functional way to wash the kids.

Kids wear the puppet.

Puppets "eat" the soap.

Kids get washed!

These are machine washable, so you can throw them in the wash with all your other towels. I also included ribbon hangers so after bath is over, you can wring them out and hang them to dry on the spout of the tub, or you can buy these plastic suction cup hooks for $2.00 in the bathroom accessory aisle of your hardware store/Target/ Walmart.

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