Folksy - Week 1

I can not believe that another session of SYTYC is here! This one is going to be just as great as the previous two...I can tell.

To help us kick things off, Lisa Leonard Designs is giving away a $50 gift card! Oh how I wish I could win. I've been drooling over her new "mama necklace". I wouldn't mind getting that for mothers day.

Well, if you really want to get technical, I wouldn't mind getting anything she has in her shop :) To enter the giveaway you can find it in the "giveaway" tab, or just click here.

Now back to the matter at hand...Week 1. This week's theme was Folksy. Voting will be open until Friday night at 9 MST. Just as a reminder, here are the 10 ladies that will be showing off for you guys for the next 10 weeks.

Ann @ DecoMOD Studio
Lynette @ Get Your Craft On
Cheryl @ A Pretty Cool Life
Deidre @ A Craft A Day
Holly @ Bijou Lovely
Chris @ Pickup Some Creativity
Marjorie @ Living With Three Moonbabies
Jess @ Running With Scissors
Charlene @ eWillow
Shilo @ "Toad"ly Crafts

Good Luck Ladies!!!

ps - If you would still like to help out "Betty's for Boobies" or you missed my last post click here. They're still accepting donations for the Susan G. Koman 3 day walk. Every little bit helps save lives!!


Craft #1 - Butterfly Shadows

"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."
Richard Buckminster Fuller

I love butterflies! What girl doesn't? I have had a rough, unfinished shadow box in my craft room for quite sometime, begging to be filled with something....

The butterflies are hand cut from a vintage Children's Friend magazine that was found in my great grandmas basement, a copy of the star spangled banner and scrapbook paper.

The single turquoise butterfly is a reminder to simply be yourself...that we are beautiful and unique in our own way. .

Craft #2 - Quilted Strap Cover

This strap cover is for the girl who has to look good when she's being all folksy and rockin' out on her banjo...

Craft #3 - Ribbon Rose Guest Room Welcome Sign Pass-Along Gift

This "Howdy Folks" welcome sign serves two purposes. First, place it on the dresser in your guest room to make your overnight guests feel warm and welcomed. Then, allow your guests to take it with them when they leave. Ask them to display it in their guest room and then pass it along to their house guests, and so on and so on and so on...!

You can use all different sizes, textures, and colors of ribbon to make ribbon roses to adorn the frame. By using several coordinating colors of cardstock, ribbon and embellishments, you can be sure the frame will blend with the interior of all of the houses where the frame gets passed along. Pop out the glass to give the frame three dimensions.

Craft #4 - Love Birds in a Cage

For this challenge, I thought a friendly little pair of love birds would compliment a little girl's room. I created the birdcage with grape vines, taking extra care to keep the twisty, curled off-shoots in tact. Metal birdcages are popular right now in children's decor, but I thought the natural, folksy birdcage gives a unique, casual way to add some cute girly attention to her room (and costs less than $5.00).

I wanted the birds to be a simple design with minimal details. Each chubby stuffed bird hangs permanently in the cage, the pink bird sitting on a perch.

To accent the twisty off-shoots of the grape vines, I added simple little butterflies.

Craft #5 - Tile Trivets & Coasters

Mexican folk art was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this week's theme. I absolutely love the bright colors of hand painted Mexican tiles. So, I decided to create some of my own, and turn them into coasters and trivets! This is such simple and inexpensive project, with "WoW" results!

They are not only beautiful, but so useful too! Use them in your kitchen or even your bathroom to help protect your granite counter tops. I use the larger ones next to my stove top as a spoon rest. A great addition to any home decor, they would make wonderful gifts too!

I will provide you with the designs pictured, and show you how to transfer the images using a simple technique. You can also used your own designs. The possibilities are endless!

Craft #6 - Guitar Dress

Can you even have the folk without the music? Bring out the guitar and enjoy sitting on the porch and strummin' the strings.

This sweet guitar dress will remind you of that beautiful folk music we all love.

This little dress is full of detail. From the applique, to the embroidered strings, and rhinestones! And don't forget to get your dress signed by your favorite musician!

So, grab your guitar and go sit out on the porch and enjoy the summer breeze!

Craft #7 - Pendant Lamp

Are you looking for a great light fixture for you child's bedroom? Maybe for the dining room? Then look no further!

This pendent lamp is a simple project and, best of all, it is beyond affordable! I created a simple wire frame and attached the fabric. Very little sewing was involved! This is a great project to add color and personal style to any room!

Craft #8 - Ruffle Quilt

What's more "folksy" than a quilt? A quilt made of Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks Pastry Line.

Colorful and full of ruffles. We all love ruffles!

Complete with a pieced back to showcase the gorgeous voile fabrics.

Of course this ruffle quilt could be made with other fabrics as well! Maybe all in white to further emphasize all the wonderful ruffly texture? Whatever fabrics you choose, this quilt is perfect for the ruffle lover in your life.

Craft #9 - Checkers

I am a modern girl with a FOLKSY heart, and mixing modern with folk...that's my kind of craft!

Once upon a time....Red and Wolfie skipped through the forest to find a patch of grass where they could play a friendly game of checkers.

This folk tale-inspired game makes a great gift or a fun conversation piece, and is a wonderful way to share the tale of lovely Miss Red and her "friend", Mr. Wolf.
I love to sketch up original graphics and incorporate them into a
project with a handmade look!

This game is a "simple sew" project and a fun way to use your "digi" skills. The game board is made from 4 sheets of printable canvas that I sent through my home printer. This tutorial includes a .png template for the game board. If Wolfie and Red aren't your tale, create a story of your own. Add some personalization, photos and designs, anything you'd like.

Tiny craft magnets, sewn in to the binding, holds the folded up game board together. Wolfie's furry pouch and Red's velvet purse, sit safely inside and keep all of the game pieces in place.

Perfect gift for a kitchy collector or story lover!

Craft #10 - Modern Quilt

As I researched "Folksy", I found beautiful quilts at the American Folk Art Museum. My favorite quilt pattern is the double wedding ring quilt. I love the symbolism of linking circles, linking families, and eternity that it embodies. Piecing a double wedding ring quilt is quite difficult. So, I designed a piece of art that honors the double wedding ring quilt pattern, but with a modern twist.

I hand drew a pattern, and made an applique that recreates the effect of a double wedding ring quilt square.

I machine quilted the applique, and also quilted where the rest of the rings would intersect with the applique. I wanted to symbolize my little family with the applique, and our ancestors that came before with the quilted rings.

The rustic frame, with simple modern lines, sets off the design and elevates everything to a piece of art. I'm so excited to have this piece of art in my home!


Kelly De Luca said...

I love me some ruffles and that quilt is soooo cute and colorful. Great projects though! Good luck everyone!!!

Aurora said...

This challenge is so hard to choose from!!! They are all such great ideas and so well executed!!!

Shannon said...

I LOVE number Three! GENIOUS! I LOVE THE LAYER Look and the bright colors...oh I want it! Can I come stay in your guest room? Only I might not pass it

Nicholas K. and Sarah Maye said...

This is the best first week so far!! I had that HARDEST time picking just one. Way to go crafters!!

cannwin said...

I can't decide! I love them all.

sharon said...

so fun - love this challenge!
my favorites were the checker, coaster and trivets and the banjo strap - so hard to pick one:)

Chelsea Pickup said...

I love number 10! It's so well made!!

nana rosie said...

I LOVE #1 the Butterfly Shadows is SO cute! I love the story behind it, this would look so cute on ANY wall in the house! the Checker craft is also a darling idea & very well made!
Great job everyone.

Heidi & Derek said...


jenjen said...

Great projects. So fun to see all of them!


Courtney said...

What great projects! But I'm head over heels for #8!

Anonymous said...

# is my favorite. Love the color combination.

Amy said...

Very creative entries. Should be a great competition.

Andrea said...

Got to go with the trivets and coasters (#5). I really like the skull--very "Day of the Dead"!

tifandtheboys said...

number 6! I just made 15 guitars for a birthday party... and those things are not easy! a guitar dress would be a sweet girls dream!

Kate said...

I love #2 the Shower Curtain - so fun!

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