And the winner is....

There were over 1400 votes this week! That is crazy! Before I announce the winner I'd like to thank all the crafters from this session.

Thank you so much for your hard work and participation ladies! The work you do is really inspirational. I know I'm addicted to all your blogs now and I'm sure many others are too. I'll be watching to see what you come up with next!

Congratulations Deidre! Your Romantic Picnic Tote took it this week making you the winner of Session 3 of SYTYC! Your projects this session have been so fun! The tutorial for the Picnic Tote will be in the tutorials section shortly. Be sure to follow Deidre at A Craft A Day

I'd also like to give a special Thank You to Charlene. When she started, she was worried that a being a paper crafter would be to her disadvantage, but look at that! Second place! Congratulations! You can see what she's up to at eWillow.

SYTYC will be taking a short break between now and the start of Season 4. I'm moving platforms and such so I need a little more time than the normal week that I take off to get everything ready, so... I'll see you all back here on July 12th for a fantastic start!

If you have a theme idea that you'd love to see, email me! I love suggestions!

*If you would like to sponsor Season 4, I still have spots available. SYTYC has received 65,000 so far in June (which is about average). It's an affordable way to get a lot of exposure for your blog or site. If you're interested send me an email at*

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